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Omega 40m
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Luminite Mains Powered PIR Detector

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Luminite Mains Powered PIR Detector- Omega 15m or 40m 

For Lighting Control

The Omega is a well established professional Mains Powered PIR detector in a stylish two part weather proof housing. The lower part of the detector is mounted to the wall and contains the cable connection terminals and adjustable controls.

The head of the detector may be tilted and rotated to aim at the area to be covered. A 30 amp relay enables high power switch of lights up to a maximum of 2000 watts (Resistive).

There are four different lens patterns available with the most popular being the 15 metre wide angle which gives a coverage distance of 15 metres out by 20 metres across. The second most popular lens is the 40 metre narrow beam. This is used for perimeter detection or to view a target such as a motor vehicle or garden structure from a distance away.

The horizontal curtain lens does not have any downward looking zones and that makes it ideal for avoiding the detection of small animals. Additionally, it may be mounted high up and set to look straight down to give a close coverage against a wall.

The vertical curtain is similar but turned 90 degrees. This is used to look along a wall whilst not protruding out too far and would be ideal, for example, to use in side ally.

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Omega 40m
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