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OYN-X FALCON NVR 4/8 CHN 5MP HD PoE Network NVR CCTV Video Recorder P2P HD IPC

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  • Up to 5MP recording
  •  Supports H.264 compression
  •  User friendly GUI
  •  Multi-mode recording
  •  Playback 4/8Chn
  •  4/8port built-in Poe
  •  Support PTZ 

Support PTZ :This recorder supports multiple PTZ (Pan Tilt zoom) protocols.)

East installation: within intuitive on-screen setup instructions, you will be able to set up the recorder with little or no previous knowledge.

P2P NO port Forwarding : peer to peer (P2P) enables automatic connections the internet no network knowledge is required for setup on port for forwarding .

Motion Detection : setup your recorder to be triggered by motion detection, this will allow you to maximize the storage on your unit by only recording movement, also ensures you don't miss any important events.

Video interface: The recorder 4ch has 4IPC and 8ch has 8IPC imports both recorder have  1ch VGA and 1ch HDMI outputs 

HDMI Sockets: include socket to allow direct connection to you TV, meaning there is no need fo ran addition lm0onitor.

Alarm: The recorder come with 4 IPC alarm inputs on the 4 channel and 8 IPC inputs with the 8ch no alarm outputs.

HARD Disk:  This reorder comes with 1 STA  (capable of supporting a maximum of 6TB). Also come with 2 X USB 2.0 Port

Remote Monitoring: Simply download the  apple or android app to allow remote access to both the recordings on your recorder and also live streaming .

Schedule Recording: Set the unit to record at specific times of the day or for set periods when you are at work, away for  weekend or on holidays .

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