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Paxton Switch2 Proximity access card

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The term 'Hands free access control' means the token that identifies a user is read from within a pocket or handbag. No hands required. This is useful for gates and barriers, loading doors and where disabled or elderly people require access. The Hands free interface, in conjunction with hands free tokens, achieve this using Paxton Access' unique wireless technology.

Box contents:
- Misc - black permanent marker pen
- Battery - Lithium 3V CR2032 coin cell 20mm
- Plastic - Hands free keyfob battery cover
- Fasteners - 1.8 x 4mm, small pozi pan PV self tapping black
- Packaging - box OD 210x180x120mm, card packs (dac)
- Packaging - Box OD 125x63x22mm cardpack (crd)
- Packaging - tray insert for hands free keyfob, mk2
- Label - Hands free keyfob, inner ratings
- Label - product serial number label 27x10mm
- Label - Void if seal is broken, 80x30mm
- Token wallet - Demo packs (167mm x 167mm)
- Small polythene resealable bag 76x89mm
- Printed ISO card, green
- ISO Enrolment PROXIMITY card
- ISO door open time card
- ISO fail open release card
- ISO silent operation card
- Proxdisc coil module, ht2 for hands free fob, black
- Hands free keyfob housing top cover, logo
- Hands free keyfob Switch2 battery housing, details
- Net2 keyfob PCB, green

- For use with Switch2 systems
- From 0.85m to 2.5m read range with a hands free keyfob
- Hands free keycard increases the range to typically 5m (maximum 50m)
- Up to 5m read range with the Long range reader
- Works as standard passive token with non-hands free readers
- Use with P and KP readers (with the hands free interface) and the Long range reader
- A lost token can be voided with a shadow card
- Active tokens with replaceable batteries
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