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Spiderex Spider Repellent Aerosol Spray for CCTV Cameras Home PIR Pack of 8

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SpiderEx Spider Spray is an aerosol spray specially formulated to help remove spiders & reduce nesting in almost any area it is sprayed. SpiderEx was originally developed for the CCTV and Security Industry to stop spiders nesting around CCTV Cameras, Camera Housings and Alarm Sensors. Having had an amazing success in this industry, we quickly realised the potential of the product in the domestic market. SpiderEx is an effective spray that can be used in Houses, Caravans and Businesses as well as many other places. Its clear odourless coating stops spiders and other creepy crawly insects. This is a massive help for people with CCTV cameras and it also benefits everybody who wants to remove spiders from around their homes and businesses. SpiderEx is the first choice of many people when they need to remove Spiders from an area. We also have many large companies using SpiderEx ranging from large security installation companies all the way through to Euro Tunnel and many other large companies. Simply spray onto surfaces and the area will be effectively treated. Re-apply as necessary depending on the conditions the spray is being used to maintain a spider free system.

  • Remove spiders from your house, business, home, caravan etc.
  • Works indoors and outside
  • Easy to use and highly effective simply spray an area to protect it
  • Dramatically reduced false alarms in CCTV systems
  • Provides a clear and odorless coating
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Spiderex X 8
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