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Pyronix FPINVINCX3-BB Invincibell X G3 External Sounder with Twin Piezo No Cover

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  • Fully customisable cover with optional screen print

  • Piezo sounder technology

  • 3 Way tamper action

  • Universal triggering inputs

  • Dual skin 3mm ABS housing

  • IP65 rated

  • Various colour combinations available

  • Engineer hold off

  • Supplied with rechargeable battery

  • Mounted Horizontally or Vertically

The Invincibell range of external sounders give a perfect visual deterrent, with its 104db(A) loudness and strobe effect which activates on alarm the Invincibell E will alert people in the vicinity if anyone tries to enter a property.

With front, rear and power cut-off tamper protection, if anyone does try to disable the sounder you will be alerted. The engineer hold off mode, activated when the panel is in engineer mode, will ensure that there are no unwanted alarms while the system is being installed or serviced.

Remote engineer hold off

Possible to disable the bell box tamper when a control panel is in engineer mode.

3 Way tamper action

Activation from front, back, and power supply cut off ensures protection from sabotage attempts. In this situation, the siren will activate independently of the control panel.

Revolving guide holes

Unique levelling mechanism including in-built spirit level and revolving guide holes.

Universal triggering inputs

Can be connected to any output on a manufacturers control panel, positive applied, negative applied, positive removed, negative removed.

Sound Pressure Level 104dBA

Siren cut-off timer

The cut off timer is defaulted to 15 minutes to meet industry regulations.

Supplied with battery

Complete with a backup battery so that even in the event of an intruder sabotage, the bell box will still operate and protect the property.

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