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Pyronix DOORBELL/CAM WiFi Battery Smart HD Video Doorbell Camera 2-Way Audio

Pyronix DOORBELL/CAM WiFi Battery Smart HD Video Doorbell Camera 2-Way Audio

Pyronix SMARTPLUG Wi-Fi Smart Plug for HomeControlHub

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MARTPLUG Wi-Fi Smart Plug for HomeControlHub

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  • Instant control via HomeControl2.0 and HomeControlHUB apps
  • Activate devices in the home with on/off control
  • Create scenes which activate at the touch of a button
  • Toggle your devices on and off
  • Connects to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network
  • Compatible with the HomeControl2.0 app for Android and iOS
  • Compatible with the HomeControlHUB app for the AndroidTablet

Compatible with HomeControl2.0 - NEW

The SmartPlug is now compatible with the HomeControl2.0 application, enabling on/off control of devices, the configuration of scenes and automations, and energy consumption monitoring from a single interface.

Plug in to the Potential

Add greater upsell opportunities to your product offering and deliver value-added integration with the SmartPlug.

Make your users lives easier by automating, activating and switching devices on and off via the AndroidTablet with HomeControlHUB. You can even create scenes to deliver the exact functions your customers want

With the flick of the screen

With the SmartPlug, users can quickly and easily switch devices on and off. A simple flick of the AndroidTablet with HomeControlHUB’s screen and the user can turn devices on and off around the property.

Be ahead with a schedule

You can pre-program the SmartPlug to turn on and off at specific times and days. This could turn lamps on and off around the property as a security measure, or to greet the user as they return home from work. Set the schedule.

Automate life easier

Alongside scheduling, you can set up automations to trigger based on the time of day. Requiring no interaction from the user, when the specified event takes place, the SmartPlug will trigger automatically to switch on or off any device it’s connected to.

Create a scene

Program a scene to initiate a series of tasks when triggered by the user, for example, switching the living room lamp on and the hallway lamp off simultaneously. Once initiated, it will progress until it has completed the full sequence. Make home the perfect scene.

Smart control from anywhere

Once added to the system, users can take full advantage of the SmartPlug functions from anywhere using the AndroidTablet with HomeControlHUB. As long as they’re connected to the internet, they’re in control of the SmartPlug.

A smart SmartPlug

If the user unplugs the SmartPlug to move it elsewhere, or if there’s a power cut, it doesn’t need re-adding to the system. As soon as the SmartPlug is powered back up it will remember the Wi-Fi credentials and reconnect. Not only that, but there’s no limit to how many smart devices that can be added to one account.

Simple learning process

The SmartPlug features an optimised setup to enhance your installation time, so there’s no need to worry about fitting it. Get up and running to deliver the smart home functions your users desire, in no time at all.

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