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Belkin N300 Network transmitter Grey,White

Belkin N300 Network transmitter Grey,White

Veracity Outreach Max Ethernet and POE Extender For IP cameras,POE-powered network devices

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Ethernet Extender for POE and POE Plus equipment
OUTREACH Max enables network installers to overcome the distance limitations of Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (POE) easily, meaning that IP cameras, wireless access points, and other POE-powered network devices can be located right where they are needed.

Simply connect OUTREACH Max in-line with the Cat5 or Cat6 network cable for every extra 100 metres (328 feet) of length required. No configuration or electrical supply is needed, and full-rate network throughput is maintained.

Note: OUTREACH Max extends network connections to POE-enabled devices only. To extend the range of Ethernet without POE, see Veracity's OUTREACH Lite Ethernet extenders.

Extend Ethernet and POE
Ethernet and POE both restrict cable distances to 100 metres (328 feet) between network ports. However, POE-powered devices such as IP cameras and wireless access points frequently must be located at far greater distances from the nearest network switch or power outlet.

OUTREACH Max provides an instant solution to this problem. By connecting an OUTREACH Max for every extra 100 metres of cable, both Ethernet and POE can be extended to 200, 300, or even 800 metres (2625 feet).

Max power extension
OUTREACH Max is compatible with all regular (IEEE 802.3af) POE devices. In addition, it can be used with IEEE 802.3at POE Plus equipment, and even non-standard or "4-pair" POE to over 60 watts.

For maximum power and range, Veracity's OUTSOURCE enhanced POE injector may be used. The OUTSOURCE Plus enhanced POE Plus injector is recommended for all POE Plus applications.

Max cable range
OUTREACH Max's efficient design maximises the distance POE can be extended to, and multiple units can be connected in series for distances beyond 200 metres.

Range depends on the power required, so a 25 watt PTZ camera may be located 200 metres away using a single OUTREACH Max. Or, the cable length to a regular 5 watt IP camera may extend up to 800 metres (2625 feet), by fitting seven OUTREACH Maxes at 100 metre intervals. See Veracity's forthcoming "Long Range Ethernet Extension" application note for more information.

Max reliability
Because OUTREACH Max draws its own power from the POE on the cable, all electrical power for the connected devices comes from a single POE switch or injector, which simplifies installation and allows back-up and control of all network power.

OUTREACH Max's only connections are its two Ethernet ports, and both configure automatically for link speed, duplex and crossover, to eliminate the risk of misconfiguration. Power is forwarded automatically, and issues with POE power classes are avoided.

As OUTREACH Max repeats the network connection every 100 metres, quality does not degrade. This means that the full bandwidth of 100BASE-T Ethernet (200Mbit/sec) is maintained, even over 800 metre runs. This is essential for assured transparency and predictability.
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