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Texecom AFA-0001 Premier Elite AMQD Quad Detector With Anti-Masking


Texecom Premier Elite Grade 2 Motion Detector PW - Pet Immune Petwise

Texecom Premier Elite AM 360DT QD Ceiling Mount Anti Masking Detector

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Premier Elite AM360 QD
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Revolutionize Security with Premier Elite AM 360DT - AFC-0001

Unleash advanced security capabilities with the Premier Elite AM 360DT (AFC-0001), a powerhouse designed for heightened detection in high-risk applications. Crafted for optimal performance and reliability, this dual technology ceiling mount detection solution delivers a comprehensive security package. Explore the standout features that position it as the ideal choice:

Key Highlights:

  • Expansive Coverage: Enjoy a vast coverage pattern with a maximum diameter of 0.9m, ensuring extensive surveillance capabilities.

  • Flexible Mounting Height: With an adjustable mounting height of up to 3.6m, achieve strategic positioning for thorough security coverage.

  • Precision Pyro Technology: Benefit from an omni-directional quad element pyro for enhanced catch performance.

  • Customizable Microwave Detection: Experience the flexibility of adjustable K-Band microwave detection, allowing for tailored security settings.

  • Robust Anti-Masking Technology: Texecom's Active IR anti-masking ensures 100% lens coverage protection, providing robust defense against sabotage attempts.

  • Digital Temperature Compensation: The inclusion of digital temperature compensation guarantees accurate detection, irrespective of environmental conditions.

  • Standards Adherence: Complying with EN50131-1, EN50131-2-4, PD6662:2010 Grade 3 Class II standards, the AFC-0001 meets the highest industry benchmarks.

Superior Security for High-Risk Environments:

  • Dependable Catch Performance: Tailored for high-risk applications, the Premier Elite AM 360DT delivers Grade 3 dual technology ceiling mount detection, ensuring dependable catch performance.

  • Optimal Anti-Masking Capability: Leveraging optically enhanced Active IR technology, it provides exceptional anti-masking pick-up while actively discriminating against false masking sources.

Experience Unmatched Security:

Elevate your security standards with Premier Elite AM 360DT (AFC-0001). Offering a fusion of advanced features and superior technology, this solution is purpose-built for high-risk applications. Trust Texecom for security solutions that prioritize reliability and performance, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

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