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Texecom Premier High Precision Mirror Optic PIR Burglar Alarm Sensor Grade 2

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The Premier Elite MR is a breakthrough in PIR optical technology. High precision mirrored optics provide double the efficiency of most standard PIR detectors and ensure outstanding detection performance. Sealed optics, digital design, mounting height adjustment and stunning low profile aesthetics make the Premier Elite MR the only choice for those who demand the very best.


Precision Mirrored Optics
Providing a clearly defined optical signal is critical to the performance of PIR motion detectors. The high precision mirrored optics of the Premier Elite MR obtain double the signal strength of many standard PIRs resulting in the following performance enhancements:

Improved Catch Performance
Greater signal integrity enables reliable detection performance even at long range. The Premier Elite MR provides exceptionally fast volumetric pick-up even at distances of 15m (50 ft). Coupled with a multi-segmented high density coverage pattern, uniform detection is guaranteed, removing blind spots and ensuring excellent protection.

Improved False Alarm Immunity
The improved optical system enables a significant reduction in electronic sensitivity, dramatically improving immunity from RFI, electrical noise spikes, draughts and other common false alarm sources. White light immunity is also dramatically enhanced providing exceptional stability even in levels exceeding 15,000 lux.

Advanced Digital Microprocessor Design
The signal processing of the Prestige MR is performed by an advanced digital microprocessor. This device contains complex signal algorithms ensuring that only genuine alarm signals are detected. Ambient temperature is measured digitally, ensuring reliable detection performance even at high temperatures.

Sealed Optics & Adjustable Mounting Height
The Premier Elite MR is unique in that it contains sealed optics, yet has an adjustable mirror allowing mounting anywhere between 1.5m and 3.1m. Sealed optics prevents insects from entering the optical chamber, further improving false alarm immunity.

Optional Tamper-proof Wall & Ceiling Bracket with Cable Feed-through
These provide two extra mounting options, enabling precise angle adjustment and ensure simple installation in any location see below

Volumetric or Long Range Coverage Patterns
The Premier Elite MR is available with a choice of coverage patterns, 15m volumetric or 40m long range detection.

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