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Pyronix SMOKE-WE Wireless Safety Smoke Sensor 85dB Alert – White

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Protecting homes and lives against the threat of fire.

With the SMOKE-WE fitted, sleep safely knowing that your home is protected.

Fully supervised for low battery, the SMOKE-WE will begin to chirp once every 32 seconds when the battery is low in power. It will also send a signal to your control panel reporting the status.

If using the HomeControl+ Security System, you will receive a warning via the app, with notifications also possible through smartphone or tablet where set up.

  • Manual testing – the manual test button verifies battery status and alarm operation to ensure that the device is working properly
  • Built-in 85dB local sounder and flashing red LED light – indicate the presence of smoke
  • Tamper protection – if the front of the device has not been replaced after a battery change or maintenance, the rear tamper protection will trigger a warning that the device is not fitted correctly
  • Secure two-way wireless protocol – allows easy learning of the detector to the system


  • 85dB alert

  • Photoelectric smoke sensor

  • Removable smoke chamber

  • Test button

  • One Push To Learn button

  • Signal Strength Indicator on the device

  • Pyronix High Security Wireless Encryption Protocol

  • 868MHz transceiver FM technology

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