What are IP and TVI CCTV Cameras

CCTV Birmingham can be used for surveillance for a variety of different buildings and facilities. The primary purpose of every CCTV system installation is security and for ultimate effectiveness, there are now many kinds of CCTV cameras with different features to suit your needs.

IP and TVI cameras capture images just like a standard digital camera. The pictures are then compressed, and files are transferred through your network. These cameras also use wires that are internet-connected with a modem or router for data transmission.

IP cameras

The video quality of IP cameras is higher than analogue cameras. These cameras have better zooming and range capabilities, so they have better facial recognition features. Analogue cameras perform better in low light. These cameras provide a high resolution than analogue cameras, resulting in a clear picture of a face or a number plate. These cameras also have between a 1.3 megapixel and a 5 mega-pixel resolution, which can cover a far more comprehensive view.

In terms of wiring these IP cameras, they work with a twisted-pair, coax cable, and wireless connection. The advantage of an IP camera is that it can work over an ethernet cable without running electrical wires – analogue cameras do not have this feature. IP cameras are more useful for properties and facilities than a standard CCTV camera and CCTV Birmingham can provide you with this. Door Entry Systems London

Some features of IP Cameras are

  • Night Vision
  • Bidirectional auto transmission
  • Distributed intelligence
  • High image resolution
  • Flexibility
  • Transmission of commands for PTZ cameras
  • Encryption and Authentication
  • Remote accessibility
  • Power over Ethernet

The installation of an IP camera is effortless. All you need is patience and a good network connection. Suppose we say that IP cameras are the future of regular CCTV; we would not be wrong.


TVI technology allows regular CCTV to give HD resolution results without a change of wire. The best thing about these cameras is that they can be upgraded gradually without any extra effort. With HD-TVI, you are free to use any camera or DVR, making it suitable for everything –there are no limitations of compatibility like others. Because of this, you can pick any product of your choice during the installation of the security system. This can be very cost-effective during the installation of a security surveillance system. CCTV Installation London

These cameras provide a high resolution and clear picture of a face or any number plate, so they are more useful than a standard CCTV camera in any facility or any property. There is no lag in HD-TVI cameras, like with regular CCTV cameras which is a considerable benefit of this technology. Even if you use lower quality cable, the quality of the video would not be affected. The absence of lag, unlike other cameras, is because the videos transmitted through HD-TVI are uncompressed. The installation of these cameras does not require any additional network skills.

TVI Security Cameras Advantages

  • There is no loss of quality and no delay for HD video transmission
  • They transmit video, audio, and data signal over a coaxial cable
  • HD-TVI cameras support longer cables for the installation of long-distance areas
  • These cameras allow for an easy upgrade of an existing analogue security camera system
  • These cameras have zoom ability in both live and playback mode

At Pacetech, you have a variety to choose from. We provide high quality and cost-effective cameras which adapt to your needs.