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  1. Burglar Alarm Batteries [Types, Ratings, DIY Replacement]

    A burglar alarm battery is a backup power source for a burglar alarm system. It provides power to the alarm system during a power outage. Most burglar alarm systems typically use a 6-12 V battery with an amp-hour rating of 2-7—it can provide a current of 2-7 amps for one hour.
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  2. Pacetech Trade Counter |All under one roof

    What’s more convenient than having a collection of home security, networking products and the required accessories all under one roof? Pacetech’s all-in-one shop is a way to save not only time but also money. From CCTV cameras to networking products, the choice for a variety of gadgets is here. There will be no more waiting in queues as the products you want are at the Pacetech Trade Counter.

    The Highest Quality of Products

    Pacetech only sells the best and the branded products. By doing so, we can assure the best quality of the goods we sell. Similarly, all the gadgets we sell are thoroughly managed via the cautious eyes of our professionals. Decades of a successful selling and hundreds of thousands of happy clients allow us to be sure about our services

    Pacetech stock consists of the following major products:

    Home security

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  3. Pros and Cons of Using Bullet Shaped Cameras - Reasons to Use PTZ Cameras

    People use different types of cameras according to their need. CCTV cameras are available in numerous shapes and features. All have something special to offer. On Pacetech we have all types of CCTV cameras available for our customer. We serve you with the best products from the top-rated companies of IT equipment. The sole purpose of this blog is to discuss the pros and cons of using two well-known cameras. Bullet Cameras are the most used CCTV cameras. Bullet Camera has a lot to offer. Here are some of the fors and againsts related to Bullet Cameras.

    Bullet cameras

    Bullet cameras are mostly for public places like railway station, bus stops, offices, markets, etc. These cameras are called the bullet-shaped cameras because of long and cylindrical shape. It comes in both a fixed or moveable lens according to the need and use. These cameras

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