People use different types of cameras according to their need. CCTV cameras are available in numerous shapes and features. All have something special to offer. On Pacetech we have all types of CCTV cameras available for our customer. We serve you with the best products from the top-rated companies of IT equipment. The sole purpose of this blog is to discuss the pros and cons of using two well-known cameras. Bullet Cameras are the most used CCTV cameras. Bullet Camera has a lot to offer. Here are some of the fors and againsts related to Bullet Cameras.

Bullet cameras

Bullet cameras are mostly for public places like railway station, bus stops, offices, markets, etc. These cameras are called the bullet-shaped cameras because of long and cylindrical shape. It comes in both a fixed or moveable lens according to the need and use. These cameras are for capturing long ranges. This is a common type of CCTV Camera, and most people use this for security purposes.  

Bullet Cameras Pros

As this is the camera perfect for public places, means that it must have some benefits the list of these benefits proses include

  • Easy Installation and Adjustment: Bullet cameras are easy to install. You can easily adjust these cameras according to your need and purpose. These cameras are mostly installed on walls as opposed to ceilings. They have an easy installation process as named as a point to shoot installation. Point to shoot means that you have to install it, fix the direction and it is ready to record. Adjustment of the lens in these cameras is easy. You can easily adjust its lens without remounting the device.
  • Durable: These cameras are mostly for outdoors use. This is the reason they can handle any harsh weather. Its lip is specially designed to protect its lens from bad conditions. This means you don’t have to worry about your cameras in situations like heavy rain, snowfall, or bright sunny day. It is durable and adjustable. 
  • Visible Deterrent: These cameras can easily deter crime. Most of the people prefer to use bullet cameras. If a burglar or thief sees a camera, they do not try to harm you. They know that the camera will capture and recognize them. It is a piece of useful safety equipment for shopkeepers and business holders. 
  • Some Other Features: It has some other qualities like IR night vision, compact size and high-quality image resolution.

Bullet Cameras Cons

There are some drawbacks also present in bullet cameras. Drawbacks or cons do not mean it is not a good camera, but it may be not suitable for a certain purpose. 

  • Noticeable: Due to the shape and installation place bullet cameras are easily noticeable. Its visibility can be a benefit or loss. Its design is bulky and can come in eyes. Some places do not want bulky visible cameras. It may not suit their interior aesthetic. Do you want a camera that is not visible? ,bullet-shaped CCTV cameras are not for you. 
  • Not Vandal-Resistant: It can face all types of weather condition do not mean that it is vandal-proof. Anyone can easily change the view pointer of this camera. It is also dis-connectable.
  • Wrap Up: These cameras are also suitable for video surveillance. If you want to use these cameras, you must keep in mind that these cameras are noticeable. If you want hidden and protected surveillance, this camera is not for you. 

Some Hikvision Bullet Shaped CCTV Cameras Available at Pacetech

Some Hikvision CCTV Cameras available at Pacetech are as follow.

  • DS-2CD4A24FWD-IZH (2MP WDR Smart IP Bullet Camera)
  • DS-2CD4A35FWD-IZH8 (3 MP WDR Smart IP Bullet Camera)
  • DS-2CD5A46G0-IZ/UH (4 MP Varifocal Ultra-Low Temperature Bullet Camera)
  • DS-2CD5A85G0-IZHS (8 MP Outdoor VF Bullet Network Camera)

Reasons to Use PTZ Cameras 

PTZ stand for Pan-Tilt-Zoom. Here are some reasons to consider PTZ cameras.

  • Complete Movement and Monitoring: These cameras have 360-degree panning and 180-degree tilting capability. It means that you can move the camera in so many directions to cover a wide area range.
  • Eliminate the Needs of Multiple Cameras: This camera can capture a large area. This is the reason there is no need to install multiple cameras for one reason. You can see a wider and longer range of camera just by using PTZ cameras. It is only possible because of its moving features.
  • Covers Blind Spots: It has some special features with the help of which you can easily keep an eye on blind spots. Some cameras do not offer this facility because of stillness.
  • Control Functions Remotely: By using PTZ cameras, you can control all the functions easily through a remote process. You do not have to move the camera physically for any setting.
  • Auto-tracking: It also offers the facility of auto-tracking. This means that, if any unwanted activity captures the camera will tilt or pan according to that.
  • High-Quality Zoom. It provides you with high-quality zoom features. Now you can see as far as possible just by using.

PTZ cameras are popular for their features and functions. It is a camera with numerous features in one device.