Burglar Alarm Batteries

A burglar alarm battery is a backup power source for a burglar alarm system. It provides power to the alarm system during a power outage. Most burglar alarm systems typically use a 6-12 V battery with an amp-hour rating of 2-7—it can provide a current of 2-7 amps for one hour.

However, the exact battery size you need will depend on your alarm system's size, type, and features. Therefore, I have decided to write down a detailed guide on the different types of burglar alarm batteries, their rating, and how to change them in your alarm. Read on to learn!

What Types of Batteries Does an Alarm Have?

Alarm systems typically require different types of batteries depending on whether they are wireless or wired. A wire alarm system requires two batteries, while a wireless operates with three batteries—the third one is used to operate the wireless sensor.

Alarm Panel Battery

This battery is crucial as it starts off the main alarm system. It is the most essential battery in your alarm setup. This is one that tends to be the most problematic component in burglar alarms.

Therefore, regular replacement of this battery is essential to prevent any issues with the rest of the alarm system. It is recommended to replace the alarm panel battery every 4 years.

Alarm Bell-Box Battery

If your alarm system includes a live sounder on your home’s outside, it will have a backup battery. This backup battery guarantees the sounder continues functioning despite no power.

Alarm Sensor Battery

For wireless alarm systems, each sensor requires its own battery. These batteries typically need to be replaced every 18 to 24 months to ensure the reliable performance of the sensors.

What Are the Most Common Batteries for Different Alarms?

If you have a conventional alarm system (excluding smart alarms), there is a high probability, around 99%, that you require a 12V battery. Or, you will need to choose from three different capacities: 2.1Ah, 3.4Ah, or 7Ah.

Well, that said, the following are the different types of alarm systems, along with the batteries they will require to operate properly.Burglar Alarm Batteries [Types, Ratings, DIY Replacement]

Alarm System

Battery Type

Texecom Veritas (V8 and R8)


Texecom Veritas Compact 8


Texecom Premier


Texecom Premier wireless sensor


Honeywell Galaxy


Honeywell Accenta


Honeywell Optima


Gardtec / Gtag (816, 800, 500, 400)


Pyronix Euro 46 / 280


Scantronic 9651, 9751, 9800


Scantronic 500r


Risco Lightsys


Infinite Prime wireless sensor battery


Menvier (TS900, TS700, TS2500)


What Batteries Can I Use for Wireless Alarm Sensors?

As I told you earlier, there are three different types of batteries for three different sections of the alarm system. The battery for the wireless alarm sensor is distinct from the rest. And the following batteries that your wireless alarm may need for the sensor.

Wireless Alarm Type

Battery Type

Texecom micro shock battery


Texecom Ricochet wireless battery


Texecom micro contact battery


Texecom wireless keypad battery


Texecom wireless smoke detector battery


Texecom smart key battery


Infinite Prime keypad battery


Infinite Prime fob battery


Infinite Prime wireless sensor battery


How to Change Burglar Alarm Battery?

Are you confident in your hands for changing the burglar alarm battery? Have you identified the battery type for your alarm system? Have you purchased it? If you answer “yes” to all these questions, the following is how to change the burglar alarm battery.

Burglar Alarm Batteries [Types, Ratings, DIY Replacement]

Start by removing the main alarm panel’s cover

Unscrew the screws holding the front of the panel in place. Once the cover is removed, the alarm will sound. Enter your 4-digit user code to silence the alarm.

Locate the alarm battery within the panel

It is important to handle the battery carefully and ensure that the red and black terminals do not touch each other. Also, be cautious not to touch the live 240V power transformer or disturb any other wires in the panel, as they can affect the alarm's functionality.

Carefully get the battery out of the alarm

Get the old battery out by detaching the black and red terminals. Remember to note the correct colours and avoid mixing them up, as connecting them incorrectly can potentially lead to a fire hazard.

Put the replacement battery back into the alarm system

Insert the replacement alarm battery, ensuring you reconnect the red and black terminals with the correct colours. Take your time to double-check the connections and ensure they are secure.

Don’t forget to reset your system alarm

Reset your alarm system by providing your 4-digit code twice and pressing the RESET button. Please note that the specific procedure for resetting your alarm system may vary depending on the make and model, as different alarm systems have different requirements.

What Is the Cost of Replacing Alarm System Battery?

On average, the typical cost ranges between £12 and £30. However, the exact cost of replacing your home alarm system's battery can vary depending on the type and make of the battery.

If you prefer to have a specialist alarm company handle the battery replacement, they may charge an additional fee for their service. The call-out cost for such a service usually ranges from £99 to £109, which includes changing the battery and conducting a system check.