Access Control System

Nowadays, computer or digital security is considered a smart idea. Security is one of the essential factors in our lives, so we must consider the most updated versions of any security system. Access Control System is an integral part of any security system.

What is Access Control System?

An Access control system's primary function is to grant permission to certain people who can access a particular place or data. It is a fundamental part of physical security, protects your data and area that you do not want everyone to access. It gives access to only authorized people. It is a technique by which we can choose who, when and where we want to grant the permit to enter. It is an essential security measure if your facility has heavy foot traffic. It can protect you and your staff along with unique information from mishaps.

Components of Access Control

There are five main components of the Access Control System. It is beneficial for granting restricted access to a particular area. Control Access, either physical or logical, has five components.

  • Authentication

  • Authorization

  • Access

  • Manage

  • Audit


This is a component in which personal details are stored in the system to grant access to that person. It can include documentation and specific person related details. It is essential for logging in credentials other than stored or saved details.


Authorization specifies who is allowed to enter the area or have access to specific detail; for example, A specified staff is responsible for accessing essential information. If you belong to the human resources staff, you will have access to employee records.


Once the authentication and authorization step is completed, you can access certain information or place.


It is a process in which authentication or authorization of a person or a system is handled. The manager can remove and add anyone to a particular control accessed place or system. It helps in adding new access points, helps in maintaining security, troubleshooting problems, and on and offboarding users.


It controls the tasks as if someone does not require access anymore; it deals with the information and cancels the permit for that person. For example, daily change in the role or duty involves audit, which helps in minimizing the risk.

How does it work?

The Access Control System works in two forms:

  • Physical Access Control

  • Logical Access Control

Physical access control limits access to buildings, offices, and other facilities, whereas Logical access control provides access to essential files, computers, and data. The access controllers work with a specific security card or pin. These are used to grant permission from the network then if the system allows, you can access the desired area or profile, and if not, you cannot enter any place or file.

Types of Access Control System

The main types of the access control system are following

  • Attribute-based access control (ABAC)

  • Discretionary access control (DAC)

  • Mandatory access control (MAC)

  • Role-based access control (RBAC)

  • Rule-based access control

  • Break-Glass access control

Some benefits of Access control System

  • It helps you to know who is coming and who is leaving

  • Help to keep track of employees

  • Helps in securing sensitive documents and areas

  • Reduce the chances of theft and accidents

  • Property protection

  • No need for keys

  • Time of gaining access

  • Which door someone has access to

  • Conditions under which they are allowed access

Features to look for in Access Control System

These are some features to look for while buying or installing Access Control System

  • It should support logical security

  • It should be compatible with third-party hardware

  • It should be suitable for local standards and situation

  • It should help reduce capital cost

  • It should support the modern modes of communication

  • Should support wireless technologies

  • It should be easy to use

  • It should support different input methods such as card, biometric, key fobs, mobile apps, etc

Types of Credentials used in Access Control Access

Some types of Credentials are following

  • PIN or Code-based access

  • Swipe or Token

  • Proximity cards

  • RFID cards

  • Mobile device

  • Biometric access such as Fingerprint, retina, voice, etc

Choosing the best access control system

If you are choosing the best Access Control System or not, it depends upon your need. You have to select the best for your organization. There are multiple options available so choose according to your requirement.