Intercom or Intercommunication device is used within or small collection of buildings. It is used for the transmission of audio and video. Intercom is a two-way communication device through which one person can hear others' voices in the speakers. The speaking person use microphone to deliver the message. This voice can be heard in a different room or area. Intercom is a future central hub for all business and house usage that provides audio and video communication. It has various styles; some are easy to use, and some have certain rugged features. These are some common intercoms

  • Audio Intercoms

  • Video Intercoms

  • Multi-tenant intercoms

There are different styles and designs; some are simple in use, and some are not. Intercoms are also designed especially for some specific purpose.

Types of Intercom Security System

  • Wireless Intercoms

These types of intercoms do not have any wire connection. It is a wireless system used for communication purposes through signals.

  • Wired Intercoms

These intercoms have wires attached to them. It can provide more privacy than Wireless Intercoms. health insurance

  • Video Intercoms

These intercoms have some factors like a camera, speaker, and a button that can lead to the door and consist of two units, one internal and one central unit.

  • Apartment Intercoms

In this intercom, the visitor or guest press a button to communicate with an insider or house owner. This intercom can help you in preventing my security problems such as theft.

  • Two-way Radios

This service works with the help of a base station. It provides you with the flexibility of mobile radios that you can communicate over a long distance. TV Aerial installation London

  • Security Intercoms Systems

This intercom is based on one master station and one substation used by security authorities for security-related purposes. The master station usually is located inside the building.


  • The intercom system helps reach anyone you need anytime; if you want to talk to your employee or wish to convey any message, you can quickly do it using intercoms. You do not have to worry about whether the phone rang or not. They can receive your message by just pushing one button. It is an ideal system for quick messages and communication purposes.

  • It helps you in making emergency or general announcements. With a phone, you cannot announce something to everyone at a time, but with a telecom, you can convey or deliver any message to all your employees at the same time.

  • It is also beneficial for security purposes. You can grant permission to selective people for desired or highly secure areas rather than using passes; they can use telecom services for this issue. This feature is typically used in entry areas.

  • This system is also useful when you use it with a surveillance system for guiding someone in your facility.

  • It is also useful for remote monitoring and guards. Intercom makes these services even more valuable and beneficial by providing a service of quick communication. For example, if someone is watching your security camera, they can inform you quickly through the intercom about any security issue.

  • Some intercoms also provide the facility of video for a quick meeting.

Exchange features:

  • Making call

  • Call pick-up

  • Auto call back

  • CLI feature

  • Do not disturb

  • Barge-in

  • Monitoring

  • Conferencing

  • Call forward

  • Hotline

  • Alarms

  • Watchdog for watchman

  • Cable cut alarm

  • Emergency reporting

  • Last five called numbers and time display

  • Auto redial of last five call numbers

  • Voice

  • Display

Who needs a video intercom system?

  • Multi-tenant buildings

  • Offices

  • Commercial buildings

  • Mixed-use buildings

  • Manufacturing buildings

  • Factories

  • Warehouses

  • Schools

  • Parking management of different buildings

What should I consider while installing an intercom system?

  • Mixed-use buildings require telecom that covers a wide range for better communication.

  • Apartment tenants should have door control intercoms

  • In industries, remote viewing and monitoring intercoms are beneficial

  • In retail building, a mobile app credential is essential for employees

  • In schools, a robust intercom is useful to manage communication between different blocks of schools.